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Introducing Bluehaven's new range of quality thongs

Jan 25, 2013 by

You just can’t stop a great pair of thongs. How could such a simple little design be so beloved, yet also so controversial? Go to any beach or pool, gym or outdoor café, and you’ll see them, everywhere. Perhaps no other style of footwear has been so universally embraced by the public as the thong. Why? That’s easy… Easy on, easy off. Then there’s the joy of feeling one’s toes wiggle in the warm breeze, without the hassle of long straps, without the weight of a traditional sandal. Yes, here is a fashion trend that’s appealing to all ages, from tykes to trendy teens to adults from all walks of life.

So what’s the controversy? When you think of a thong, you might picture just a slab of flat rubber, with a y-shaped strap you shimmy your toes under. That can’t possibly be healthy for your foot, right? Some podiatrists have raised that question over the years. And we do mean years - in fact, the thong has been around in some form since starting back in Egypt in 4000 B.C.! The modern thong as we know it became popular again in the 1960s and hasn’t slowed down since. And as our understanding of foot health and great footwear has evolved, many have wondered if trekking around town in thongs is good for their feet.

The art of the shoe has advanced to epic heights of comfort, support, protection, and flexibility. Bluehaven is proud to stand at the forefront of that movement, striving to design great looking shoes, built with the latest innovations to promote amazing foot health, while always staying in style. So you know if we take on the thong, we’re gonna do it properly.

Get ready for a take on the thong your feet will love as much as you do. Bluehaven’s thongs feature something you’ve probably never seen before in all those flat sandals around town – we’ve added a molded, 3-degree arch support to the traditional design. A velvety- soft, well-cushioned heel section gently cascades up under your arch like a wave, before gracefully sloping back down again to the toes. It’s a beautiful and natural shape, designed just like the subtle yet sturdy curves of your own foot.

We call it The Strand. This Bluehaven thong is the most comfortable sandal you’ll ever put on, and it’s wonderful for your arches. Proper arch alignment has countless benefits, alleviating stress in the muscles, bones, and ligaments of your foot, and allowing you to stand up tall with excellent posture. And guess what – podiatrists love them! Cross one more controversy off the list.

So now you can experience the height of comfort, simplicity, and a fashion that truly never goes out of style (ask the ancient Egyptians! ) – all the while knowing you’re treating your feet like royalty.

The Strand is available in black and brown for men, and black, navy, sandshell and watermelon for women priced at just $34.95.